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ContractorCalculator launches Off-Payroll ‘fact pack’ to help contractors inform MPs

ContractorCalculator has created a 32 page Off-Payroll ‘fact pack’ to arm contractors in their lobbying efforts against the public-sector reform and a proposed extension into the private sector.

The fact pack provides a comprehensive, evidence-based summary of the key points of contention regarding the new Off-Payroll tax. This includes HMRC’s misrepresentation of the impact on the public sector, and the taxman’s unsubstantiated and incomplete non-compliance statistics, used to justify the proposed private sector rollout.

“HMRC is attempting to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes when it comes to the Off-Payroll tax, and some of the feedback that we and our readership have received from MPs suggests that it’s working,” comments ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin.

“We have created this fact pack in the hope that contractors will meet with their MPs and present them with the facts that show why the Off-Payroll tax is a proven disaster.”

Debunking HMRC falsehoods – the Off-Payroll fact pack

The fact pack makes up part of a body of published work which already includes the Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) whitepaper and the IR35 Factsheet. ContractorCalculator has also provided lobbying letters to help contractors secure meetings with their MPs.

The fact pack reveals the true extent of the damage that Off-Payroll has caused as well as debunking numerous HMRC falsehoods. Facts include:

  • Roughly 84% of perceived tax loss due to IR35 is by the hirer, not the contractor
  • Public sector costs have risen by at least 10% following Off-Payroll
  • Public sector changes intensified skills shortages and caused damage to projects
  • HMRC figures regarding non-compliance are incomplete
  • Off-Payroll has stoked use of tax avoidance schemes in the public sector
  • Thousands of public sector clients are conducting blanket IR35 assessments.

“Everything in the fact pack is substantiated. In some cases, by figures from the HMRC-commissioned IFF report, which the taxman chose to ignore in the recent Off-Payroll consultation,” explains Chaplin.

How you can help prevent Off-Payroll in the private sector

“The consultation window has now closed and, if past experience is anything to go by, HMRC will likely disregard the concerns of the contract sector. It’s looking probable that the only way we can prevent the Off-Payroll tax reaching the private sector is by placing the facts in front of our MPs, and ultimately the Chancellor and the Treasury,” notes Chaplin.

The Chancellor is expected to make a decision regarding Off-Payroll very soon in the November Statement, which could result in disastrous changes hitting the private sector as early as April 2019.

Here’s how you can help prevent this:

  1. Write to your local MP using our letter template to request a meeting
  2. Meet with your MP and use the fact pack to explain the issues
  3. Let us know how you got on – your feedback can be used to help others in their campaigning.

Government is proposing changes that threaten to cripple the contracting sector and it must be held to account. Please exercise your democratic right and make your views heard.

ACTION: Please email the name of your MP to and we will send you the documents you need.

Published: 10 September 2018

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