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NEWSLETTER November 2018

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Nov 2018: HMRC glosses over IR35 consultation responses in new publication

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Nov 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. After intense campaigning, any extension of IR35 reforms into the private sector won't happen until April 2020. HMRC is still glossing over concerns raised and continues to unfairly scapegoat the self-employed as tax avoiders. The result of their CEST tool didn't align with what a court ruling on status, and HMRC's powers are under the spotlight at a Lords Inquiry. We will continue to campaign - it's certaintly not a done deal yet.


HMRC glosses over Off-Payroll (IR35) consultation responses in new publication

HMRC published its summary of responses to the Off-Payroll consultation following Monday's Budget, ignoring many serious concerns shared by respondents.


Budget 2019: Off-Payroll IR35 reforms to be extended to private sector in April 2020

The Chancellor has announced the Off-Payroll rules will hit the private sector in April 2020, with the full impact of the public sector damage yet to be realised.


HMRC 'witch hunt' seeks names and addresses of contractors operating outside IR35

HMRC has asked public sector bodies to provide the names and addresses of contractors working outside of IR35, within what it bills a compliance check.


CEST assessment rejected by judge as contractor reclaims unlawfully deducted tax

A judge has ruled a CEST assessment to be incorrect after a contractor went to an employment tribunal to prove their IR35 status and reclaim overpaid tax.


HMRC abuse of power under the spotlight in Lords Inquiry

A recent Lords Inquiry has yielded damning evidence suggesting that HMRC's approach to tax collection is an abuse of power.


The April 2019 Loan Charge - Ultimate contractor guide

Find out what the April 2019 is, whether it affects you, and what you should do NOW to mitigate the impact on you.

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Event Are advertised contract rates a good guide to market rates?

Do the advertised market rates give a good indication of rates in the market?

Event Recruiters' insistence that contractors use umbrella companies is breaching the law

Contractors assessed as 'deemed employees', and forced to work via umbrella companies by recruiters, have grounds to mount a strong legal challenge.

Q. Should I quit my job before going contracting?
A. The catch-22 for many is not wanting to quit their job to secure a contract, but without flexibility they can't get one. Here's what to do.
30, Oct, 2018 | Contractor Doctor Q+A
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BBC 'should reimburse tax bills' of presenters forced off payroll

The Times - Thu 25 Oct 2018

BBC tax fiasco is “the tip of the iceberg” if IR35 is rolled out

IPSE - Thu 25 Oct 2018

Is IR35 a ticking time bomb for the accounting profession?

AccountancyAge - Wed 17 Oct 2018

Fresh calls to protect against 'pressured' self-employment

People Management - Tue 16 Oct 2018

Staffing Industry News

HMRC seeks personal details of public sector contractors

HMRC is requesting the personal details of public sector contractors continuing to work outside of IR35 through their limited companies

Judge rejects HMRC's online assessment tool

A tribunal judge has rejected HMRC's online Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) tool by ruling that a contracting professional was, according to case law, self-employed and not inside IR35 as the test had determined.

Accounting Web

Tribunal judge rejects CEST IR35 assessment

An employment tribunal has ruled that a Met Office contractor was wrongly classified as being caught by the IR35 rules, directly contradicting HMRC's Check Employment Status for Tax tool.

City am

IR35: Campaigners welcome delay to private sector tax shake-up

Industry experts welcomed the chancellor's decision to delay a tax clampdown on self-employed private sector workers today, but claimed it would still hurt businesses when it is introduced.


Chancellor extends off-payroll rules to private sector

The Chancellor has announced his intention to roll-out the Off-Payroll rules to the private sector in April 2020.

Business Advice

Budget 2018: 7 new pledges micro businesses need to be aware of

Following a drawn-out consultation period, the chancellor confirmed IR35 – the so-called “tax grab” on freelancers – would be introduced to the private sector. However, Hammond hinted that the rollout would “exempt small business”.

Director of Finance

Hammond's IR35 reforms meet howls of disapproval

Accounting changes will add 10% onto costs of processing contractor payments, Chancellor warned by experts

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