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NEWSLETTER October 2018

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Oct 2018: Leaked HMRC webinar suggests taxman has misled the NHS on IR35

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Oct 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. A webinar by HMRC, leaked to ContractorCalculator by IHPA, raises questions over the accuracy of guidance given to the NHS. A contractor obtains a payout after being pushed inside IR35. We publish a summary of responses to the private sector IR35 consultation after trade bodies and groups share their response with us. Contractors request rights if caught inside IR35.


Leaked HMRC webinar suggests taxman has misled the NHS on IR35

Misguided advice issued by HMRC to the NHS during an IR35 webinar has prompted concerns that Trustees are misclassifying locums as 'deemed employees'.


Off-Payroll Working: new petition launched to ensure fairness for all workers

Contractors are urged to sign a petition to help prevent irrevocable damage to UK flexible working and ensure fairness for all workers.


Hirers face huge rights claims pay-outs after inside IR35 contractor legal settlement

Hirers, agencies and clients forcing contractors inside IR35 following Off-Payroll face huge employment rights claims after a significant legal settlement.


IR35: ContractorCalculator publishes summary of responses to Off-Payroll consultation

ContractorCalculator has published its own summary of Off-Payroll consultation responses, to better inform the public and MPs on attitudes toward HMRC's proposals.

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The off-payroll tax - what's the latest on IR35?

It's crazy that almost two decades after the misguided IR35 legislation was introduced in April 2000, it has now been loudly resurrected.

Event Contractors rarely operate as sole traders

Contractors wanting to work as a sole trader will find agencies and clients won't work with them. Here's why and the solution.

Event Using a life insurance trust to maximise payout and reduce tax bills

You need to use a life insurance trust to avoid your family facing significant tax bills on life insurance payouts. Here's how.

Event Tax efficient death-in-service benefits via a limited company

Contractor death-in-service insurance premiums can be paid by a contractor's limited company

Event Save time and money with the Cashplus Business Account for contractors

Contractors can reduce their business banking burden with the Cashplus Business Account, says Cashplus financial commercial director Nick Biggam.

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Taxman coming for all of us, Eamonn Holmes warns TV stars

The Times - Mon 08 Oct 2018

Contractors facing huge tax bill launch legal action against HMRC

Independent - Sun 30 Sep 2018

HMRC tax crackdown victimises easy targets

FT - Tue 25 Sep 2018

Christa Ackroyd: Presenter fights on in BBC test case

The Times - Wed 12 Sep 2018


Public sector Off-Payroll reforms: Sinner or Scapegoat

HMRC has long used contractors as scapegoats for its perceived tax shortfall, portraying them as tax avoiders.


Self-employed warned over 'tax-avoiding' middle-men

While there are many compliant umbrella employers operating who provide a valued service with many benefits to the contractor, agencies, and end-clients there are also dodgy firms out there that should be avoided.

Accounting Web

Ten key points about off-payroll tax

Whilst the government has been keen to trumpet the success of off-payroll tax in the public sector there are many points to address before the tax is rolled into the private sector.

More tax should mean more rights

Newly proposed reforms to tax the self-employed – known as Off-Payroll Working – introduce rules that enable firms to classify workers as 'employed for tax purposes' without providing them with any employment rights. The logic is skewed.


Contractor wins case against HMRC for unpaid holiday

A contractor has won a case brought against HM Revenue & Customs in a claim for more than £4k in unpaid holiday pay.

People Management

Contractor's £4,000 holiday pay claim is 'tip of the iceberg'

Experts are warning of a slew of legal action from freelancers who have been classified as workers, after a contractor settled with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for thousands of pounds late last week.

IT Pro

IR35 news: Umbrella companies should prepare for rights claims

HMRC contractor Susan Winchester has successfully claimed for unpaid holiday after she was forced to join the tax agency's payroll rather than being considered a contractor.

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