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NEWSLETTER September 2018

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Sep 2018: IR35 Off-Payroll 'fact pack' launched to help contractors inform MPs

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Sep 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. IR35 and off-payroll still very much the main issue for contractors as we head towards the Autumn Statement expected towards the end of November. We launch a 32-page fact pack for contractors to use when meeting their MPs (please do this!). The Government's Good Work plan is in jeopardy if the new tax is rolled into the private sector. Our CEST investigation completes with us presenting our evidence to the National Audit Office.


ContractorCalculator launches Off-Payroll 'fact pack' to help contractors inform MPs

ContractorCalculator has published a 'fact pack' to help contractors inform MPs of the damaging effects of Off-Payroll and prevent a private sector rollout.


10 key failings of HMRC's IR35 testing tool CEST - 18 month investigation

An 18-month investigation by ContractorCalculator has uncovered numerous shortcomings and inconsistencies, proving that CEST is not fit for purpose


IR35 Court Cases: History of all cases and references to judgments

Interested in the IR35 court cases? Find here a list of all historic IR35 results and copies of the court judgments.

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Government's Good Work Plan in jeopardy as Off-Payroll tax threatens the low paid

HMRC risks nullifying Government's Good Work Plan with the Off-Payroll tax, providing exploitative hirers with further leverage over low paid workers.

Event Does choice of umbrella significantly affect take home pay?

Does it make any significant difference which umbrella company you choose in terms of final take home pay after tax?

Event 10 easy steps to set up a limited company and start contracting

You have several options in setting up a limited company, but it's all easy enough, and most accountants will handle it all for you. Here's how.

Q. Can I take my first contract at the company i'm planned on leaving?
A. Should you accept your first contract at the company you are leaving permanent employment to go contracting?
16, Aug, 2018 | Contractor Doctor Q+A
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'Leaving the local authority sector after IR35, I feel I've gone back to proper social work'

CommunityCare - Wed 05 Sep 2018

Off pay-roll working requires legal reform, not IR35 'buck-passing'

the HR Director - Mon 13 Aug 2018

Recruiters warned of need to prepare for possible IR35 extension | Recruiter

Recruiter - Fri 10 Aug 2018


BBC presenter tax case 'only win for HMRC in a decade'

Contractors suspected of being “false employees” win the vast majority of tax tribunal cases brought against them – raising further questions over the taxman's ability to enforce the rules accurately.


Will micro-businesses thrive after Brexit

Forbes garners the opinions of business experts on whether they think micro-businesses will be impacted as the UK prepares to leave the EU

Computer Weekly

Ex-HMRC tax inspector sounds alarm over suitability of IR35 online status checker tool

As the private sector consultation on IR35 draws to a close, a former HM Revenue & Customs inspector calls into further question the suitability of the government's online tool for assessing contractors' tax status

People Management

Postpone IR35 private sector rollout until after 2019, government told

Experts warn lessons need to be learned from public sector before any extension of the rules

Business Advice

Premier League referees claim IR35 tax victory against HMRC

A group of football referees in England has won a tribunal against HMRC to earn the right to be considered self-employed and therefore entitled to a lower tax rate.

Recruitment International

Could IR35 be the NHS's Achilles' heel?

Recent reforms to IR35 have created some consternation in the public sector, and the question remains as to whether it could deter IT contractors, further hampering the NHS's adoption of new technology.

Real Business

Off-payroll tax threatens the low paid and puts Theresa May's Good Work Plan at risk

There is a real threat to Theresa May's Good Work Plan which comes in the form of the off-payroll tax that HMRC is looking to impose on the private sector.


Industry slams shelving of self-employed tax cut by government

The government is proceeding with a planned abolition of Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs) during this parliament.

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