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Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Jul 2018: The new Off-Payroll tax – coming to the private sector and killing business

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Jul 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. This (very late, sorry) July newsletter is very much focused on IR35 and the off-payroll reforms. At ContractorCalculator we are in full-on campaign mode. We finally got HMRC to release their position on MOO - which they are entirely alone on, and we shone a light on mistruths coming from the Chancellors office on the reforms. We are making waves, and your lobbying is working. Keep at it.


The new Off-Payroll tax – coming to the private sector and killing business

HMRC is attempting to introduce an Off-Payroll tax to the private sector, to be paid by firms engaging contractors, many of whom don't even realise.


10 times HMRC used propaganda to mislead MPs and the public on IR35

HMRC has long used propaganda to fuel its agenda when it comes to IR35. Here are 10 instances where the taxman has attempted to mislead MPs.


Have Off-Payroll IR35 reforms rendered contractors guilty until proven innocent?

With the Off-Payroll rules, HMRC has created a regime whereby contractors are considered caught by IR35 unless they can conclusively prove otherwise.


HMRCs IR35 CEST tool without MOO can never be fully accurate says legal tax expert

IR35 tribunal history shows that, without considering MOO, HMRC's CEST tool can never be fully accurate, says Chartergates director, Matt Boddington.


HMRC dismisses IR35 forums members views and courts on laws omitted from CEST

HMRC's view remains unchanged over its omission of case law from CEST and dismisses the compelling evidence put forward by IR35 Forum Members.


Has HMRC misled the Chancellor and Treasury on the Off-Payroll tax and IR35 rules?

HMRC's integrity has been called into question after correspondence emerged suggesting the Chancellor and Treasury may have been misled on the law.


Latest EAT ruling reinforces that HMRC erred in law with CEST tool

An EAT has overturned an earlier tribunal decision due to a lack of mutuality of obligation, proving that HMRC erred in law by omitting MOO from CEST.


Off-Payroll Working: Contractor lifts lid on HS2's non-compliant IR35 practices

HS2's failure to comply with IR35 has intensified skills shortages and imposed 30% tax hikes on contractors, says former HS2 contractor James Horabin.


How contractors can and should use a limited company if inside Off-Payroll (IR35)

Limited companies remain advantageous for contractors caught by the Off-Payroll rules, once they have overcome the accounting challenges posed.

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HMRC and IR35 have fuelled tax avoidance, which will worsen with Off-Payroll

HMRC's war on tax avoidance wouldn't be necessary if it wasn't for its punitive IR35 regime. Now the Off-Payroll rules look set to make matters worse.

Event How contractors can reclaim their tax for a wrongful IR35 assessment

Contractors who have been adversely affected as a result of the Off-Payroll rules could recoup thousands of pounds in overpaid tax. Find out how!

Event Survey: Major business disruption if new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector

A ContractorCalculator survey has found many UK firms risk spiralling costs, intensified skills shortages and legal action if the new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector.

Q. Can I leave early even without a termination clause?
A. Advises an unhappy contractor how to get out of a contract without a termination clause.
17, Jul, 2018 | Contractor Doctor Q+A
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Taxation Web

HMRC's Claims of IR35 Success Are REAL Fake News!

HMRC is choosing to ignore the body of growing evidence against CEST and the off-payroll reforms.

Business Advice

HMRC accused of misleading chancellor on IR35 reforms

Mistruths and denials are being pedalled by HMRC

The HRDirector

Pimlico Plumbers verdict landmark result for workers

Pimlico Plumbers case should set precedent for workers

Real Business


People Management

Contractors threaten to revolt over private sector IR35 rules

Freelancers say they will shun contracts and consider legal action as off-payroll changes draw nearer.

Computer Weekly

UK labour market could be harmed by private sector roll-out of IR35 reforms, consultancy warns

As the government continues to consult on extending the IR35 reforms to the private sector, research suggests contractors will not take kindly to the move

HR News

Employers cautioned over cost hikes and skills shortages if new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector

Businesses will be hit hard if Off-Payroll legislation is rolled out into the private sector

'94% of contractors would avoid contracts placing them inside IR35'

Off-Payroll reforms in the private sector would have a huge impact on contractors and the businesses that hire them

Staffing Industry News

UK – Businesses to face higher costs and skills shortages if new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector

Businesses will be hit hard if the Off-Payroll reforms are rolled out into the private sector

The Register

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