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Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Apr 2018: HMRC holds no detailed evidence to prove CEST accuracy claims

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Apr 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. Our five month investigation reveals HMRC hold no detailed evidence to support claims of accuracy of their IR35 tool, CEST. A contractor wins the latest IR35 case despite having no right to substitute, with lack of MOO being a key factor. Ironically HMRC are due to reinforce their decision to omit MOO from their CEST tool, saying all contracts fail it. The BBC issues highlight the issues with the IR35 reforms.


HMRC holds no detailed evidence to prove CEST accuracy claims, reveals FOI requests

HMRC has acknowledged that it has no detailed proof to support claims about the accuracy of CEST, FOI requests from ContractorCalculator reveal.


Hammer blow for HMRC as contractor wins latest IR35 case

A contractor has won his appeal against HMRC in the second IR35 case of 2018, despite supposedly falling foul of two of the key tests of employment.


HMRC still wrongly claiming all contractors caught by MOO, reveals IR35 Forum minutes

HMRC continues to insist that all contractors are caught by MOO, but has postponed disclosing legal arguments, the latest IR35 Forum minutes reveal.


BBC pay fiasco highlights mess created by public sector IR35 reforms

A Parliament Select Committee on BBC pay has flagged up numerous issues regarding the implementation of the public sector IR35 reforms.

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Event Contractors' guide to VAT

VAT is a contractor's best friend if treated right, or worst enemy unless care is taken to keep to the rules. Here's how to keep the VAT-man happy.

Event Conduct of employment regulations: a guide to opting in or out

Most contractors don't need the protection provided by the Conduct of Employment Regulations and when asked by their agency, can choose to opt out.

Event What is IR35? Does it apply to your contract?

It is tax avoidance legislation designed to ensure workers using an intermediary but who are 'disguised employees' pay the correct amount of tax.

Event Dividends and contracting: calculation, payment and taxation

You may take dividends from your limited company whenever you are certain that there are after-tax profits to be divided up. Here's how you calculate them.

Event How contractors can close down their limited companies

If a contractor changes career path or decides for another reason that their limited company is no longer needed, they can choose to close it down.

Event What is a 'personal service company'?

Many contractors who work for clients through their own limited companies frequently find their business referred to as a 'personal service company'.

Event Contractor travel expenses, tax relief and the 24-month rule explained

Contractors can claim travel expenses and benefit from tax relief as long as they stay within the 24-month rule, says Abbott Moore's James Abbott.

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The IR35 reforms have had a serious impact on many BBC presenters


BBC tax fiasco: why a far graver tragedy is about to strike

Dave Chaplin: By April 2019 an even bigger tax tragedy could hit the public sector.


Contractor wins IR35 appeal case against HMRC

A hammer blow for HMRC as construction worker wins his IR35 appeal

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