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Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Mar 2018: History shows how contractors can overcome proposed changes to IR35

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Mar 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. The first IR35 court case in seven years was lost, as the first BBC presenter was beaten at tribunal. The court ruling suggests Christa Ackroyd was encouraged by the BBC to operate via a PSC, yet she is picking up their bill for unpaid Employers NI. As we approach an impending IR35 roll out of the reforms one of the original founders of the PCG explains how we can beat IR35.


History shows how contractors can overcome proposed changes to IR35

Lobbying can still prevent disastrous IR35 changes, but contractors should prepare for the worst case scenario, says PCG founding member Philip Ross.


Poor legal advice cost BBC broadcaster thousands: IR35 tribunal analysis

A comedy of errors and a comprehensive tribunal verdict shows BBC broadcaster should have conceded liability before tribunal, says Martyn Valentine.


What did Renoir, our virtual status lawyer, think of the Christa Ackroyd IR35 case?

Find out how Renoir, our free AI-powered virtual status lawyer, matched up against the judge when assessing the Christa Ackroyd IR35 tribunal case.


Public sector IR35 reforms push social care sector closer to breaking point

Councils are in disarray as public sector IR35 reforms coupled with a backfiring social care initiative leaves them unable to attract locum workers.

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Event How HR advisors can help clients with Off-Payroll IR35 rules – 7 simple steps

HR advisors will be vital in ensuring their clients navigate successfully the risks posed by the Off-Payroll IR35 rules. Find out how to do so, here.

Event Your legal rights when you go contracting

Contractors new to limited company contracting must grapple with rules governing workplaces, relationships and practices: contract law.

Event 10 common mistakes made when searching for a contract

10 common reasons why some contractors are less successful than others when searching for a contract. Learn not what to do!

Event CAM Ltd v Revenue & Customs: 5 key IR35 lessons for contractors

The first IR35 ruling in seven years provides several key lessons that contractors can use to avoid a heavy tax bill. Find out what they are, here.

Event How to change your accountant – 4 steps for getting a better deal

Changing your accountant can be a thorny subject, but sometimes it must be done. Find out how to change your accountant with minimum fuss, here.

Event Chasing payment using a letter before action

A letter before action is a formal letter to the company who owes you money informing them that unless they pay within a certain period you will commence legal action against them.

Q. Can I change contract terms to be outside IR35 during a contract?
A. Is it possible to change contract terms to position yourself IR35 during an existing contract? The issues explored
22, Feb, 2018 | Contractor Doctor Q+A

How HMRC's model now relies on getting other businesses to do its dirty work

The tax tribunal involving former BBC broadcaster Christa Ackroyd is a clear warning that the impact of new "IR35" legislation needs to be addressed.

Accounting Web

HMRC wins IR35 case concerning BBC presenter

Dave Chaplin explains the key factors around Ackroyd's employment status.

Daily Mail

BBC presenter made to pay £420,000 in HMRC clampdown

The BBC encouraged her to work this way and her advisors were clearly out of their depth on IR35.


The Effect of IR35 Rules

Dave Chaplin outlines the impact of IR35 on the public sector and the likely impact of IR35 when rolled-out into the private sector

The Independent

BBC presenter loses major tax case against HMRC

Ackroyds advisors were clearly out of their depth on IR35


HMRC wins IR35 case against BBC presenter Ackroyd

Dave Chaplin comments on HMRC's first IR35 victory in 9 years

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