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NEWSLETTER February 2018

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Feb 2018: Private sector IR35 reforms set for April 2019, infers HMRC Forum minutes

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Feb 2018 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. All signs point to a roll out of the IR35 reforms into private sector from 6th April 2019. Any contract signed that overlaps that period needs to be water tight from day 1 to avoid a potential mess leading up to the date. Due to the IR35 reforms voluntary tax compliance has suffered a massive hit, and dodgy loan schemes are rife. Our IR35 campaigning is progressing, and we are getting the messages to MPs. Please write to your MP.


Private sector IR35 reforms set for April 2019, infers latest HMRC Forum minutes

The latest IR35 Forum minutes suggest HMRC is going ahead with private sector reforms ASAP. Find out what you can do to prevent damaging changes.


Nurses & agencies using umbrella loan schemes risk tax bills and prosecution

Locum nurses using umbrella loan schemes owing to IR35 reforms risk huge tax bills and agencies face prosecution under the Criminal Finance Act.

Closing down your Ltd company? Logo CCFinancials

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Decided to stop using a limited company? You can close your company in a very tax efficient manner.

Closing your company using a MVL enables you to extract the reserved funds of the business in cash, pay only 10% tax and also use CGT allowances. And, it can be completed within weeks. Want to find out how?

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Off-payroll rules (IR35) – is HMRC killing UK plc and voluntary tax compliance?

Wider adoption of the taxman's flawed IR35 stance could be disastrous for HMRC, undermining voluntary tax compliance and reducing tax collection.

Event IR35 lobbying – Phillip Lee, MP for Bracknell is out of touch with reality

Some MPs have demonstrated they don't have a clue about IR35 or the risks it poses. Help fight IR35 by getting your MP to take note and take action.

Event vs HMRC CEST tool: How our tool can help everyone beat IR35

Keeping contractors outside IR35 is key to keeping their skills in the public sector. Find out how you can do exactly that with our IR35 testing tool.

Event Reasons and practicalities of moving from an umbrella to a limited company

Discusses the reasons and steps to take to move from an umbrella arrangement to a limited company.

Event Taking salary and dividends – best tax strategies

Contractors can tax efficiently extract earnings from their contractor limited companies by paying themselves a low salary and the rest as dividends.

Event What employee benefits do contractors not get?

Here are some of the important differences when comparing the situations of contractors versus permanent employees.

Event 10 Tips for long term successful contracting

There's more to a successful contract than getting your timesheets signed. 10 Tips for success.

Q. Does taking a break get around the 24 month contractor expenses rule?
A. Answers a contractor's question about the 24 month expenes rule and explains the rules in detail.
25, Jan, 2018 | Contractor Doctor Q+A

ContractorCalculator's Chaplin claims IR35 rules will be applied to private sector in April 2019

Dave Chaplin warns the rules will be extended to the private sector from as early as April 2019.

Accounting Web

HMRC 'fake news' undermines tax collection

Has HMRC lost its integrity and joined the ranks of those who spread mistruths?


Five good and five bad reasons to go freelance

Dave Chaplin discusses the pros and cons of being a freelancer

A small business guide to going freelance in 2018

Dave Chaplin, discusses the main considerations when going freelance in 2018.

Creative Bloq

8 tax return tips for freelancers

Dave Chaplin offers up some self-assessment for freelancers

New Year, New Direction

What to consider if you are going freelance

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