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NEWSLETTER October 2017

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Oct 2017: Will the IR35 reforms hit the private sector soon?

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Oct 2017 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. The big question the contracting sector is now asking is whether the IR35 Reforms will be rolled out to the private sector. We are two months away from the Autumn Budget and their are some worrying signs - the minutes from the last IR35 Forum omit all the concerns raised about the reforms and HMRC are publicly denying any mess was created despite the overwhelming evidence. Please lobby your MP - we explain how.

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Will the IR35 reforms hit the private sector soon?

Are the IR35 reforms going to hit the private sector? Decide for yourself as we compare the arguments for and against, then let us know your thoughts.


Autumn Budget 2017: IPSE urges Government to seize opportunity to support contractors

With the Autumn Budget less than two months away, IPSE has outlined the measures it believes the Government can take to better support contractors.


IR35 lesson: Latest ruling proves working conditions override paperwork

Failure to consider the working conditions when assessing IR35 could cost contractors thousands, as reinforced in a recent employment tribunal case.


How to lobby your MP against more damaging IR35 reforms

The recent IR35 reforms caused considerable damage and could hurt you if rolled out to the private sector. Please lobby your MP now to prevent this - here's how.


PRISM calls on Government to not extend IR35 reforms to private sector

PRISM calls on the Government to stop and analyse all evidence, before making plans to extend IR35 rules to the private sector.


Are HMRC one step closer to rolling out the IR35 reforms?

Are their clues in the latest IR35 Forum minutes that indicate HMRC are moving towards a private sector rollout?

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Event Contracting legislation: key laws affecting contractors

Make sure you don't fall into any legal traps and carry on contracting compliantly with our comprehensive list of laws and legislation to beware of!

Event Mortgages for contractors: you can get one

Getting a mortgage when contracting does not have to be painful

Event Contractors rarely operate as sole traders

Contractors wanting to work as a sole trader will find agencies and clients won't work with them. Here's why and the solution.

Event Contractor strategies for long term IR35 defence

Contractors should be taking action now to help build future IR35 defences. Here's how.

Event Contracting and jury service – the issues explained

A jury summons means that a contractor is legally required to attend court, which can be costly and time consuming, even with jury service insurance.

Q. Can I use my limited company money to offset my mortgage?
A. Contractors may face a hefty tax bill, and even prosecution, by using company money to offset personal mortgages, warns James Abbott of Abbott Moore.
18, Sep, 2017 | Contractor Doctor Q+A
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