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Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Jul 2017: Contractors could benefit from Government vulnerability, says IPSE chief

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Jul 2017 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. In the wake of the General Election result IPSE believe that contractors could benefit from the weakened Government. Our investigations into HMRC's IR35 tool reveal they do not collect data to substantiate their accuracy claims. Our features this month focus on contracting for a recent employer, late filing penalties, and why you should not invest in property via your company.

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Contractors could be set to benefit from Government vulnerability, says IPSE chief

A Government in disarray following the General Election could spell good news for contractors in the immediate future, says IPSE chief Chris Bryce.


Legal challenge to IR35 needs your support – please help

A brand new legal challenge to IR35 is underway and needs your support. Please help if you can.


HMRC's ad hominem attacks to defend its failed IR35 tool are disturbing

HMRC's attack on ContractorCalculator for criticising its tool shows weakness, but also poses concerns about the taxman's attitude towards IR35.


HMRC claim IR35 tool hits targets despite FOI revealing no data is held to back claim

In one letter to us HMRC claims the tool hits certainty targets of 80%-90%. Yet in an FOI response they claim no such data is held. Cover up?

Event Can I legally go from permanent to contracting at the same company?

Answers the question from a permanent employee on whether they are legally allowed to immediately contract with the same company after leaving.

Event Penalties incurred for late filing of forms

Running a limited company for contracting means you need to file certain forms each year, or else you could face sizeable penalties costing thousands.

Event 5 reasons you shouldn't consider property investments via your company

Considering using company profit to invest in property? Here's 5 reasons why it's a very bad idea.

Event What contractors need to know about IR35 compliant contracts

Contractors need to understand that no contract can in itself remove the threat of investigation from the Revenue.

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