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Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Jun 2017: How to get an IR35 pass using the HMRC status tool

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Jun 2017 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. Find out how HMRC's IR35 tool works under the bonnet and discover the only ways, albeit difficult, it is possible to get a pass. IPSE provides some essential guidance for contractors considering the General Election. And the NHS has backed down on it's blanket approach to the IR35 reforms - and will now assess each contractor on a case-by-case basis.

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How to get an IR35 pass using the HMRC status tool

HMRC's IR35 tool will only pass contractors in cases of absolute certainty. Find out the few routes through the tool that can make you pass IR35.


General Election 2017: IPSE chief calls on politicians to acknowledge self-employed

More is required of political parties to recognise and reward the self-employed, says IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce ahead of the General Election.


Experts slam logic underlying the HMRC IR35 tool

IR35 experts have dismissed the credibility of HMRC's IR35 tool after receiving details of its inner workings. Find out what they say, here.


NHS locum doctors avoid IR35 by being lured to the private sector

The NHS is suffering as a result of the public sector IR35 reforms as private sector recruiters attract locum doctors with 'outside IR35' contracts.


IR35 reforms: the threat to contractor accountants

Contractor accountants need to take action or else risk losing clients and revenue as a result of the public sector IR35 reforms. Find out why.

Event Under the bonnet of the HMRC IR35 tool

A detailed examination of the underlying design and code structure of HMRC's IR35 tool reveals multiple glaring issues. Take a look under the bonnet.

Event What contractors should do about late payment

Late payment can become a thorn in your side. You do have some recourse if it does.

Event How your accountant can keep you outside IR35

The expected private sector rollout of the IR35 reforms poses a unique threat to contractors but your accountant should be able to help. Here's how.

Event Relevant Life insurance plans - 10 key facts for contractors

Your company can pay for your life insurance, saving you thousands in tax relief on all the premiums. Switching is easy. Here's how.

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