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Off-Payroll (IR35) compliance events launched to educate clients and agencies

Contractor hiring firms and recruitment agencies can find out how to meet their legislative compliance requirements under the private sector Off-Payroll rules by attending one of a number of events across the UK.

Off-Payroll (IR35) working in the private sector: The how-to guide for Off-Payroll’ aims to demystify IR35 and supply chain compliance. Co-hosted by compliance experts Professional Passport, ContractorCalculator and IR35 assessment solution IR35 Shield, the event is a remedy for the Off-Payroll compliance headache, providing attendees with:

  • An accessible overview of IR35 and Off-Payroll
  • A clear understanding of their necessary compliance actions
  • A step-by-step compliance guide for the entire supply chain
  • A timeline detailing the transition phase
  • Guidance on engaging and applying available compliance tools and solutions

“We’re going to explain the legislation in everyday terms instead of legal jargon, before translating this into operational processes and procedures that can help organisations meet the legislative requirements,” explains Professional Passport MD Crawford Temple. “We’re essentially saying: ‘This is what you need to do, and this is how you do it’.”

Demystifying Off-Payroll compliance for clients and agencies

For Temple, the complexity of IR35 and the short timeframe in which HMRC expects previously uninvolved organisations to prepare warrants a different approach to compliance guidance:

“The feedback I’ve received from clients and recruitment agencies is that most events get bogged down in the technical details of IR35, which can be incredibly overwhelming. Consequently, nobody seems to have a solid understanding of IR35 and there’s simply no chance that you can educate them enough to make their own assessments by April 2020.

“We don’t go into the unnecessary details. Once you accept the fact that these companies can’t be expected to understand the legislation well enough to confidently conduct their own assessments, you instead need to enable them to fulfil their requirements without that understanding.”

Ensuring Off-Payroll compliance throughout the supply chain

The event covers the necessary compliance requirements of both end clients and agencies, whose cooperation will be key to avoiding the adverse impact of the Off-Payroll rules. Compliance guidance is broken down into two sections:

  • The IR35 assessment of contractors
  • Ensuring Off-Payroll compliance throughout the supply chain

The importance of the latter issue has only recently been realised. Following the introduction of debt transfer provisions to the Off-Payroll legislation, HMRC will be able to pursue liabilities throughout the supply chain in the event that a party has been non-compliant.

“End clients and recruiters now need to work a lot closer together and watch each other’s backs. We’ll be showing them exactly how they can do that,” concludes Temple.

To find out how you can mitigate your firm’s tax risk by applying simple and effective compliance practices, secure your place here. The event will run on 23 September 2019 in Manchester and on 7 October 2019 in London, with morning and afternoon presentations on both days.

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Published: 21 August 2019

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