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Income Shifting Calculator

Calculate how you could be affected if the Government re-examines ‘income shifting’

Use this calculator to work out the financial impact on your contracting business if the Government decides to re-visit ‘income shifting’ and widens the scope of the settlements legislation (S624 ITTOIA 2005, formerly S660).

Family firms, including contractor personal services companies (PSCs), usually share company profits by splitting dividends between spouses.

Based on your salary and profits, as well as your dividend split, this calculator will determine your potential tax bill increase, should the proposals resurface.

Please enter your details to see how this affects you:

First salary £
Second salary: £
Profits before taxes: £
Dividend split: The main shareholder receives    percent.

Solutions for Contractors:

*Contractors: To do a calculation based on your contract rate please use the Section 660 Calculator.