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Off-Payroll (IR35) small company exemption vulnerable to exploitation, warns JSA

Hirers have an open invitation to exploit the proposed Off-Payroll small company exemption, though amendments could hamper company growth.


Lorraine Kelly IR35 ruling proves HMRC’s CEST tool is biased and inaccurate

HMRC’s CEST tool has again failed to reach the same decision made at tribunal, having been tested against yesterday’s Lorraine Kelly IR35 judgment.


IR35 defeat threatens broadcaster backlash for HMRC: Lorraine Kelly tribunal analysis

HMRC faces questions over its pursuit of broadcasters following a damning IR35 tribunal defeat against presenter Lorraine Kelly.


BREAKING NEWS: Presenter Lorraine Kelly defeats HMRC in latest IR35 ruling

HMRC has lost another high profile IR35 tribunal case, after television presenter Lorraine Kelly successfully appealed a tax bill of £1.2m.


CEST users feedback, obtained via FOI, reveals little confidence in tool

User feedback for CEST, obtained by ContractorCalculator via FOI, reveals that, despite HMRC’s claims, there is little public confidence in the tool.

|Public Sector IR35 Reforms

HMRC’s £1.3bn non-compliance claim in Off-Payroll consultation doesn’t align with OBR

HMRC’s claim as to the cost of non-compliance with IR35 has been called into question after it was revealed that it doesn’t align with OBR forecasts.


Reaction to Off-Payroll (IR35) consultation: 12 months to defuse tax time-bomb

Private sector contractor clients have 12 months to mitigate the threats posed by HMRC’s Off-Payroll proposals, warns ContractorCalculator.


Other Contracting News

BBC licence fee cash to settle stars’ tax bills

The BBC is planning to pay tens of millions of pounds to help to clear the tax bills of presenters previously paid through personal companies.

Fri, 22 Mar 2019 - IR35

Loan charge suicide sparks calls for PM to halt policy

Users of past scheme could be taxed on loans from up to 20 years ago in a single year

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - Other

Just half of contractors hit by 'loan charge' register to settle

The crackdown has been branded “retrospective” by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee which said it risked undermining access to justice for those affected.

Thu, 07 Mar 2019 - Other

HMRC Loan Charge: Self-employed fear 'financial ruin'

Self-employed workers from Wales fear they face financial ruin after becoming embroiled in a tax avoidance scheme.

Tue, 26 Feb 2019 - Tax Issues

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Recent Media Coverage

Further defeat for HMRC in IR35 tribunal

Business groups say the latest case, involving TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, proves that HMRC's employment test tool CEST is not fit for purpose.


New tax rules could spark another avoidance crisis

The introduction of IR35 in 1999 sparked a surge in loan-based tax-avoidance schemes and experts fear the latest changes could restart the cycle.

Staffing Industry News

UK – BBC presenter wins £1.2 million IR35 tax case against HMRC over her freelance ITV role

Presenter wins £1.2 million IR35 tax case against HMRC over her freelance ITV role


Lorraine Kelly's friendly personality? It's all part of the brand, says judge

Lorraine Kelly defeats HMRC in IR35 ruling

The Independent

Life skills: how to sharpen up your negotiation tactics

Going into a negotiation confident of your position and the value you are offering is key, whether you’re selling a car or your contracting skills.

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