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Contractor travel expenses, tax relief and the 24-month rule explained
Contractors can claim travel expenses and benefit from tax relief as long as they stay within the 24-month rule, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Can contractors claim expenses without receipts?
Contractors often ask how much expenses can be claimed and whether these expenses need receipts?

Company healthcare and gym membership benefits
You can pay for healthcare costs and gym expenses using your limited company although there will be a BIK charge - Find out more.

How to buy gifts for your clients and claim on expenses
The tax man is not particularly generous when it comes to treating your staff as this article explains!

Contractor clients urged to support fight against contractor T&S restrictions
Contracting stakeholders are appealing for contractor clients to help gather evidence on the negative impact T&S restrictions will place on UK plc.

Contractor expenses should stay, as HMRC’s proposal branded unworkable at tax summit
Contractors should retain tax relief on travel and subsistence and HMRC’s proposals to restrict it are flawed, decide key contracting organisations.

Contractor travel and subsistence expenses rules face wide-ranging Treasury review
Contractor travel and subsistence rules face another wide-ranging review, this time by the Treasury, which proposes further expenses tax relief cuts.

Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) explained for contractors
Contractors need to understand how Supervision, Director and Control (SDC) could apply to them as HMRC may widen its use, says Andy Vessey of Qdos.

Expenses consultation – contractors must act NOW
Contractors must act and respond to HMRC’s Employment Intermediaries and Tax Relief for Travel and Subsistence consultation, or lose their expenses.

HMRC to abolish expenses tax relief for local travel to encourage running to work
Contractors working on client sites close to home face shock new regulations from HMRC abolishing expenses tax relief to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Limited and umbrella company contractors unaffected by expenses consultation response
Limited company and umbrella company contractors are unlikely to be affected by the government’s response to the OTS expenses exemptions consultation.

Contractors may see simpler expenses rules from consultation, but not until post-2015
Contractors can anticipate simpler rules on expenses and subsistence following a new Treasury consultation, but changes won’t happen until after 2015.

Simplifying expenses and benefits: government wants to know what contractors think
Contractors and services providers are being asked for their views on four new government consultations on simplifying expenses and benefits.

Temporary workplace rules for contractors
Contractors must comply with temporary workplace rules to qualify for travel and subsistence expenses plus tax deductions when travelling to clients.

How to charge contracting expenses and disbursements back to your client
Contractors incurring expenses & disbursements on behalf of clients must treat them correctly when charging them back, says Clare Rickman of InTouch.

Company owned bicycles and motorbikes – contractor tax issues
Contractors can benefit from company bikes under Cycle to Work rules. Company motorbikes may also be tax efficient, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contractor guide to tax reliefs allowable on protective clothing
Contractors can claim certain items of protective clothing as legitimate expenses and benefit from tax relief, explains James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

IR35 and other issues for contractors claiming expenses from clients for flights
Travelling on behalf of your clients faces numerous challenges over expenses and tax rules.

Contractor guide to the tax treatment of loyalty schemes and benefits
Contractors can personally ‘spend’ loyalty points from business purchases without a benefit in kind tax charge, explains James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Contractor guide to company cars – Part 2: other considerations and options
For contractors thinking of a company car there are other considerations that can affect the benefit in kind charge, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contractor guide to company cars – Part 1: how to calculate if it’s worthwhile
Limited company contractors have the option of running a company car. But do the tax costs make it worthwhile? Abbott Moore’s James Abbott explains.

Contractor expenses: combining business trips with holidays
Contractors can legitimately combine a genuine business trip with a holiday and still claim contracting expenses, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contracting guide to home office expenses for limited company contractors
Contractors trading via a limited company are technically employees, so home office rules require a rental licence, says James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Contractor guide to mobile phone expenses – warning, some rules are counterintuitive
Contractors claiming costs of mobile phones from their contracting business must abide by HMRC’s expenses rules, explains Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contractors can buy low emission company cars tax efficiently
Contractors buying company cars has been of borderline benefit, but James Abbott of Abbott Moore explains that low emission cars may tip the balance.

Contractor expenses: don't get caught by HMRC's 'duality of purpose' trap
Contractors who have incurred expenses partly for business purposes and partly for personal reasons should be careful how they claim tax relief.

Contractor expenses: HMRC releases benchmark scale rates for contractors’ subsistence
New HMRC rules coming into force from 6 April could affect expenses that umbrella contractors claim, as umbrella company dispensations are reviewed.

Contractors can claim costs for staying overnight on business with friends and family
Contractors can stay with friends and family when working away from home on business and claim the expense. What’s more, the friend can also benefit.

Is it worth contractors buying a company car?
Even with efficient, low emission cars, most contractors are better off claiming private mileage, says Phil Richards of accountants Blevins Franks.

Government likely to slash its own tax income through new attack on contractors
The government could be about to score a spectacular own goal with it's attack on contractors travel expenses.