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Pensions: Page 1

5 reasons you shouldn't consider property investments via your company
Considering using company profit to invest in property? Here's 5 reasons why it's a very bad idea.

Top 10 contractor pension myths
Contractor pensions are more straightforward than many experts make out. Ten of the top pension myths are busted by Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Contractors have a small window to take action before pension reforms, warns expert
Contractors have a small window to make pensions contributions before Government introduces draconian reforms, warns Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

How much delaying a pension can cost you
Contractors delaying the decision to start a pension risk losing thousands of pounds of pension pot growth, explains Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Contractors ignore auto-enrolment at their peril, risking fines for inaction
Contractors can’t simply ignore auto-enrolment, as inaction will result in fines even if they believe they are exempt, warns CW’s Angela James.

Contractors using pensions to mitigate Dividend Tax changes must act now, says expert
Contractors paying basic rate tax starting a pension to mitigate the Dividend Tax changes impact must act now, says Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Contractors taking pension cash risk poverty in retirement and should seek advice
Contractors accessing cash via pension reforms may threaten their retirement income & should take advice first, says Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Comparison between a pension and a standard investment
Contractors have a range of investment options to choose from to fund their retirement. Contractor Wealth’s Angela James compares different examples.

Pensions – how much to save
Contractors seeking a comfortable retirement should start saving as much as they can as soon as possible, explains Angela James of Contractor Wealth.

Why contractors need pensions
Contractors need to make provision for a pension to ensure they can maintain their lifestyle during retirement, says Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Contractors unclear on pensions reforms, potentially threatening retirement plans
Contractors remain unclear on how retirement plans can benefit from pensions reforms introduced in April 2015, warns Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Pension auto-enrolment letters – what contractors should do
Contractors must respond to Pensions Regulator letters with scheme details or reasons why they don’t need one, says Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Pension drawdown explained for contractors
Contractors may find pension drawdown offers a flexible solution suited to their contracting lifestyle, explains Angela James Contractor Wealth.

How pensions work for contractors
This article explains how pension contributions can save you a fortune in taxes and enable you to enjoy your savings plus interest when you reach age 55.

Contractors gain greater tax savings and flexibility from pension reforms
Contractors to gain upfront pension contribution tax savings and tax savings with flexibility on retirement, says an expert IFA.

Retirement planning for contractors: 10 key areas to focus on
Contractors looking to enjoy a well funded retirement can take steps to maximise their income and minimise tax, explains Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contractor guide to financial advice fees following Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
Contractors taking financial advice are required to pay fees following the Financial Conduct Authority’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

Pension auto-enrolment for limited company contractors explained
Contractors trading via limited companies with no employees will be unaffected by pension auto-enrolment, says Contractor Wealth’s Angela James.

Contractors ignoring pensions do so at their (financial) peril
Contractor pensions haven’t enjoyed good press recently, but an expert IFA wanrs contractors against reducing their investments.

Contractor guide to the tax treatment of financial advice, including company pensions
Contractors can only claim limited costs for financial advice, including advice on company pension schemes, explains Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Contractors can opt-out of NEST pension but umbrella firms must offer schemes
The latest pension rule changes are broadly positive for contractors, says an expert IFA.

Contractors face April 2011 pensions deadline as annual tax-free limits are reduced
On 14 October Chancellor George Osborne slashed pension allowances leaving many contractors in a race to top up payments before new rules kick in.

Contractors’ pensions tax relief likely to be reduced by Coalition
Contractors face massive tax relief reductions, with the Treasury expected to announce new pension rules significantly cutting tax-free allowances.

Contractor pensions under threat in budget small-print
A consultation about the future of pensions buried in the budget small-print could spell the end of significant pension tax relief for contractors.

Contractor guide to UK state-backed pension: National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
Contractors should take pension action now & not be auto-enrolled into the National Employment Savings Trust, says Angela James of Contractor Wealth.

Pensions for contractors: an overview
Contractors can benefit from tax savings by investing in a pension early in their contracting career and a pension pot to draw on from age 55.

Contractors with pensions aged 49-54 should take pre-Xmas action
Pension rules changes mean contractors who want access to pension cash must act before 6 April 2010, says an expert IFA.

Contractor pensions – contributions cap blow to higher earners
Contractors at the top end of the earnings scale are penalised by a retrospective contributions cap seriously limiting their future pension income.

Pensions for contractors with an umbrella company
Income when using an umbrella company can go straight into pension funds for serious tax advantages.

Pensions for contractors with a limited company
Income from limited companies can go straight into pension funds for serious tax advantages.