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Contractor Doctor: Can I use my limited company money to offset my mortgage?
Contractors may face a hefty tax bill, and even prosecution, by using company money to offset personal mortgages, warns James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Mortgages for contractors: you can get one
Getting a mortgage when contracting does not have to be painful

Contractor mortgages: mortgage products available
There are many contractor mortgage options, but they’re generally not available from high-street lenders

Contractor Doctor: Should I keep cash in my company or pay off my mortgage?
Contractors should consider their options before deciding to pay-off debts or delay dividends as it may save tax, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Can company money be used to offset a mortgage?
Can you use company money to offset your mortgage? No, and here's why.

Why buy to let (BTL)? Property is great for increasing your income
Get guaranteed income after you retire from contracting. Find out how investing your money in buy-to-let property could be the best decision you make!

Contractors applying for buy-to-let mortgages facing tougher lending conditions
Contractors seeking buy-to-let mortgages will face tighter lending rules following a Prudential Regulation Authority consultant.

10 top tips for securing contractor mortgages and loans
Contractors can increase their chances of securing mortgages by using these top tips from a contractor mortgage expert.

Contractors seeking to mitigate the Stamp Duty surcharge impact must seek expert help
Contractors seeking to mitigate the impact of the Stamp Duty surcharge taking effect from 1 April 2016 need expert advice.

Contractors should take action on mortgages and investments now, or face 2016 delays
Contractors seeking mortgages or buy-to-let alternatives should contact their advisers now to avoid 2016 logjams, say two leading financial experts.

Contractors have short window to benefit from record low long-term mortgage rates
Contractors can benefit from record low long-term fixed interest rates for mortgages, but only if they move quickly.

Renting compared to having a mortgage
Contractors will generally find that buying a house with a mortgage makes more financial sense than renting a property.

Buying a newly built home as a contractor
Contractors will find that mortgage applications for newly built homes are different as lenders requirements are more demanding.

Contractor mortgages – a guide to the preferred lenders
Contractors can secure highly competitive contracting-specific mortgages from lenders but only through specialist brokers.

Contractors seeking mortgages must act before interest rate rises, warns expert
Contractors looking for mortgages or to remortgage need to take action now even if rate rises are not anticipated until 2016.

Had trouble as a contractor getting a mortgage?
Contractors having trouble getting a mortgage may be able to secure funding by applying via a contractor specialist.

Contractor mortgages – assessment and qualification criteria
Contractors must meet a range of mortgage lender assessment and qualification criteria if they are to secure a mortgage.

Getting a contractor mortgage – process and timings
Contractors should secure a robust mortgage finance agreement from their lender before they even start to look at properties.

Contractor Mortgages – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Contractors should have no problem securing a competitively priced mortgage from lenders who understand how contracting works.

'Mortgage war’ between lenders benefitting contractors, but negative rates unlikely
Contractors are unlikely to see negative interest rates, but are benefitting from a pre-election ‘mortgage war’ between lenders.

Contractor mortgages: a guide to mortgage options
Contractors can access the same range of mortgage deals via specialist brokers as those offered to employees

Contractor mortgages - Mortgage Market Reviews (MMR) explained
Contractors using expert mortgage brokers who understand contracting should be relatively unaffected.

Help to Buy mortgages phase 2: the Mortgage Guarantee Scheme for contractors
Contractors can apply for a 95% mortgage with support from Help to Buy phase 2, the Mortgage Guarantee Scheme.

Help to buy mortgages for contractors
Contractors may qualify for government loans to top up a new property deposit under the Help to Buy scheme.

Remortgage market picks up with new opportunities for contractors
As the mortgage drought eases, contractors have wider remortgage options but an expert IFA says forward planning is essential.

Contractors can use offset mortgages to save tax
With the credit crunch biting, and mortgage companies removing special offers, contractors can still use offset mortgages to get the flexibility they need.

Contractors should lock in low mortgage rates as soon as possible
With lenders like Northern Rock clearly in trouble, contractors should move fast to grab good mortgage deals without delay.