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Contractor Life Insurance: Page 1

Contractor life insurance cover – policy options for limited company contractors
Limited contractors can protect their families with a life insurance policy funded by their business

Relevant Life insurance plans - 10 key facts for contractors
Your company can pay for your life insurance, saving you thousands in tax relief on all the premiums. Switching is easy. Here's how.

Tax efficient death-in-service benefits via a limited company
Contractor death-in-service insurance premiums can be paid by a contractor’s limited company

Using a life insurance trust to maximise payout and reduce tax bills
You need to use a life insurance trust to avoid your family facing significant tax bills on life insurance payouts. Here's how.

Contractor Doctor: Will my current life insurance cover me when I go contracting?
Contractors with existing life insurance will find the policies are still valid, but they may not provide sufficient cover.

Contractors can cut dividend tax by shifting life insurance costs into their company
Contractors can ease the blow of dividend tax changes and save corporation tax by moving life insurance into their company.

Relevant life policies versus Keyman insurance – explained
Contractors need to understand the differences between Relevant Life Policies and Keyman insurance so they choose the best protection for their needs.

How to save tax on your life insurance
Contractors can save tax on life insurance by taking out a Relevant Life Policy (RLP) via their limited company.

Why contractors need life insurance
Contractors don’t have employee benefits, so must ensure their loved ones have a financial safety net if the worst happens.

Contractor protection ‘time bomb’ threat grows, created by rapid structural growth
Contracting’s structural growth of new contractors who are uninsured and unprotected is creating a protection ‘time bomb’.