IR35 and Off-Payroll Explained

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Do you think like a contractor?
Some questions to help you decide if contracting is for you.

Herding cats
So you think you can manage a software team?

The good, the bad, and the ugly
What kind of developer are you?!

Boost productivity for free
Effective time management can yield huge increases in productivity – for free!

Keeping ‘em sweet
With the demand for contractors increasing here’s a guide to holding onto your best ones.

Home sweet hotel
Every now and again that dream contract comes up on the other side of the world. Here’s our guide to getting the most from working out of a suitcase.

Think you own the place
Thinking like you own the place might not be such a bad thing for your clients.

On a plate
Is your user’s first choice really their only choice?

The losers olympics: Is your project doomed?
Are you involved in a project that is doomed to fail?

New silver bullets
Are the latest technologies the silver bullets required to succeed?

Hackaholics anonymous
The first step to recovery from bad coding practices is to admit that you have a problem.

That was my idea
Have you got a great idea that could be worth millions to your client? Shut up, then!

Help! i'm a prisoner in a software factory
Is there any escape from Domain-specific Languages?

Mumbo jumbo – a game for 4 or more players
Bored with meetings? Why not try our exciting new word game?