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Beat IR35: The ultimate guide to IR35 - new book OUT NOW

Many contractors, recruiters and businesses that hire contractors fear getting on the wrong side of the taxman particularly on the issue of IR35.

In this brand new book titled Beat IR35: The ultimate guide to IR35 for contractors, agencies and clients, readers are provided with all the expert knowledge they need to stay compliant, reduce tax risk, avoid punitive IR35 taxes, and successfully combat any HMRC investigation.

IR35 - the Intermediaries Legislation - means a costly compliance burden and big tax hits when contractors are unfortunate enough to fall within its poorly defined boundaries. Now, from April 2017, recruitment agencies and end-user clients are set to share the painful costs of these complex rules, following public sector reforms that will shift the compliance burden and tax liabilities onto them.

The threat to the contracting supply chain has never been greater, but this book will equip readers with all they need to ensure they aren’t affected by this costly legislation.


Inside Beat IR35

The complete guide to beating IR35 covers:

  • Strategies to stay outside IR35 and off HMRC’s radar
  • How to prevent the public sector IR35 reforms costing you money
  • Learn what puts you inside IR35, and how to stay out
  • Comprehensive guide for public sector, clients and agencies

Dave Chaplin, author and CEO of Contractor Calculator, said: “Contractors and freelancers who provide their services as genuine small businesses are faced with the constant threat that business-to-business contracts freely entered into with clients can be later reclassified by tax officials as ‘employment’. This can result in hefty retrospective tax bills and punitive, unreasonable penalties. IR35 is a bureaucractic drain on the UK workforce and very anti-business.

“IR35 is highly complex and dependent on employment legislation and case law. It takes an expert to apply correctly and a contractor’s ultimate employment – and therefore IR35 – status may only be confirmed after a lengthy HMRC investigation and tax tribunal. Due to this uncertainty, come April, if risk averse public sector clients or their agencies default to deciding that all contractors are inside IR35, this leaves contractors paying considerably more tax. I have written this book to help all those who could be affected by IR35 to stay on the right side of the taxman.”


Published: 16 January 2017

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