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Agency Workers Regulations: Page 2

Agency Workers Directive seminar reveals government threat to contractor livelihoods
The threat to contractors’ livelihoods from the AWD come from UK government, and not the EC, according to legal specialists, Lawspeed, and others.

Momentum builds to exclude contractors from ‘harmful’ Agency Workers Directive
The Association of Professional Staffing Companies adds its voice to the rising number of bodies calling for contractors to be outside the AWD.

Recruiter body defends contractors’ rights in new Agency Workers Directive proposals
The Association of Recruitment Consultancies proposes a two-tier system for the Agency Workers Directive that won’t impact on contractor livelihoods.

MEPs give thumbs up to AWD whilst PCG lobbies for contractor recognition
The Agency Workers Directive moves closer to passing through the European Parliament, whilst PCG plans to lobby for contractors’ exclusion from AWD.

Survey shows UK agency workers don't want employment rights
British contractors almost uniformly reject the employment rights offered under the Agency Workers Directive.

Costs rise 10-20% for UK business if agency worker directive is passed
Labour costs for UK business will rise from 10-20 per cent if the Agency Workers Directive is passed today

Agency Workers Directive opt-out for UK contractors is looking increasingly likely
An Agency Workers Directive opt-out for UK contractors is being backed by UK parliament’s Regulatory Reform Committee Chairman Andrew Miller.

Agency Workers Directive looms, yet still no opt-out for contractors
With the Agency Workers Directive expected to come one step closer to becoming law today, what are the implications for contractors?

Conference reveals troubled times ahead for contractors
Speakers at Lawspeed’s ‘Knowledge is Power’ event this week announced that the newly adopted Agency Workers Directive could have far reaching effects on the UK’s contracting industry.

"Don’t panic" – agency workers directive won’t be UK law for at least 18 months
Despite the decision by EU employment ministers to adopt the Agency Workers Directive, it could be years before it becomes law in the UK.

Labour signs EU agency workers directive with no opt-out for contractors
In a deal that extends working hours beyond the restrictive 48 hour week, Labour has signed-up to the EU’s Agency Workers Directive.

Agency workers rights: how could contractors be affected?
The newly proposed measures to give agency workers employment rights after 12 weeks are not welcome by contractors. However, there's been no sign that they won't be caught up in the legislation.

Agency workers to enjoy rights after 12 weeks
Agency staff will enjoy the same employment rights as permanent staff under new legislation to be introduced this autumn.

Brown signals intention to give rights for agency workers
The prime minister gives his support to legislation to give agency workers employment rights after six months, but we don't yet know for sure how this will affect freelancers.

REC leads challenge to agency workers legislation in second reading
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation is leading the challenge to the Agency Workers Legislation now in second reading in the House

Government could control the agency workers directive threat to contracting
The Government seems close to resolving the issues raised by the Agency Workers Directive. Brown is pursuing a two-pronged strategy.

Agency workers directive still threat to all contractors - EU must decide
Although the national legislation on agency workers now excludes contractors, Brussels has the last word and may not allow the exclusion.

High-tech contractors excluded from agency workers legislation
High-tech contractors are to be excluded from Agency Workers Legislation

First contractor job losses seen from agency workers legislation
The first contractor job losses due to the impending Agency Workers legislation have been named by the Direct Marketing Association. The Association seeks an exemption from the proposed law.

What does the agency workers directive mean to contractors
Does the Agency Workers Directive mean the end of contracting in the UK?

CBI wants assurances on agency workers directive commission
The CBI is demanding assurances before beginning negotiations with the TUC on the proposed Agency Workers Commission

Agency workers directive commission proposal threatens all contractors
Gordon Brown is trying to mediate a battle between big business and the trade unions over the Agency Workers Directive, which will effectively oblige contractors to be paid as employees.

PCG battle rages against trade union prejudice
PCG is stepping up the fight against the Treasury's income shifting proposals with a new website.

Brown expected to change position on agency workers directive
Under pressure from 100 MPs on the Agency Workers Directive, Brown may change his stance and hurt contractors again.

Agency workers directive - how will it affect UK contracting?
The consequences of the Agency Workers Directive, which will make many contractors into employees, are not positive for UK contracting, nor even for the Revenue.

Agency workers directive - government postpones inevitable for contractors
The Government has won a delay on the passage of the Agency Workers Directive, but there is no sign that it will be able to block it again next year.

Government about to lose battle for contractors in brussels
Government Business and Enterprise Secretary John Hutton faces a major defeat in Brussels, as most EU Member States line up behind the Agency Workers Directive, which means fewer contracts for all of us.

EU directive could spell disaster for UK contractors
Suggestions that Government will support EU directive giving temporary agency workers the same pay and benefits as permanent staff.

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