Meet Your MP

Meetings with MPs are vitally important, we need to get the message across to MPs that the Off-Payroll Tax will damage contracting and damage the economy. To get a meeting, include this request in your letter or email, then just call your MPs office and book a slot to see them. When writing, do put some effort into personalising your letter. Explain the impact on you and your other constituents. Otherwise they may wriggle out of a meeting.

We have a briefing document for you to use to assist you with your meeting. We can also give advice to you via email once you have secured a meeting. Just email us on and we will put you on our supporters’s list and send you the information. Make sure they do not fob you off by merely saying they will write to Treasury on your behalf. You must have a meeting so that the MP understands the reality of what these ill-considered changes will do.