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NEWSLETTER August 2017

Contractor Calculator Newsletter, Aug 2017: Review won't burden contractors, Taylor tells ContractorCalculator

Dear Contractor

Welcome to the Aug 2017 edition of our Contractor Newsletter. The Taylor Review into modern working practices is published, amongst concern that any recommendations will hit contractors hard - but Taylor tells CEO Dave Chaplin that won't be the case. Our guides this month remind contractors of the rules surrounding company share set-up if dividend splitting is used, and also explain why company money cannot be used to offset a mortgage.


Review won't burden professional contractors, Taylor tells ContractorCalculator

Matthew Taylor has told ContractorCalculator's CEO Dave Chaplin that he has no plans to increase the burden for genuine self-employed contractors.


IPSE calls for more progressive approach from Government to address employment status

IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce shares his take on the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, and considers the impact on the contract sector.


What is a 'dependent contractor'? – The Taylor Review

The Taylor Review proposes the introduction of a 'dependent contractor'. Find out what this means and how else the Review could affect contracting.


Taylor Review recommendations could make IR35 redundant, but not before big changes

The Taylor Review recommendations could spell the end for IR35, but not before the Government pushes the draconian reforms out to the private sector.

Event PSC register: reporting requirements for limited company contractors

Limited company contractors are required to maintain information on people with significant control over the company, according to recent legislation.

Event Settlements legislation (S624/S660): minimising risks of an inspection and penalties

Contractors sharing income with a non-fee-earning partner can adopt a number of strategies to avoid an HMRC inspection that could result in penalties.

Event How much could the settlements legislation S624 ITTOIA 2005 cost contractors?

Contractors who are income splitting with a non-fee-earner and who find the settlements legislation applies could be seriously financially worse off.

Event Can company money be used to offset a mortgage?

Can you use company money to offset your mortgage? No, and here's why.

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